Pastor’s Pondering 01/13/2021

The day grows dark,

Even though it is still short

And in an apartment across town,

A lonely woman waits for books, or conversation

Or anything, but loneliness while outside the window,

Lovers wait at the bus stop, for whatever is next.

And me? I wonder how it is that I-

Filled with disappointments and dreams I can’t yet give up.

And resentments and discouragements and weak in every sort of way

Can do the thing the darkness asks me to do: Love my neighbor and so share

In the healing of humankind. Maybe you ask that too,

Doing it well at times and struggling other times,

And sometimes not even thinking it, just doing what you have to do.

But it is dark out, and we need light to see

And because we have been loved, more than once or twice,

We will love, not knowing how it will turn.

George R. Pasley

January 13, 2021

Martin, TN

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