Pastor’s Pondering 03/10/2021

They instructed me

To choose a color,

Any color

But only one color.

But there are so many great colors!

The blue today sky

The dark stormy sky

The almost springtime green

And the lush late-May spring,

Before the bugs have chewed all summer on the trees green,

The faint red-brown of the hawk

And the mousy gray of the mouse in its talons,

The moist dark black of the soil

And the dirty black on the floor where I tracked it into the house,

The red of my patio chair

And the blue of the chair I bought but don’t like even though I love the color,

The yellow like the sun I painted way back in 2nd grade,

Or the very different yellow of our dog,

Or the orange of the cat who generally hides behind the dresser, I presume.

Choose one color. What a blessing, what an impossibility.

Praise the Lord!

George R. Pasley

March 10, 2021

Martin, TN

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