Pastor’s Pondering 04/07/2021

Yesterday at noon,

I saw the construction workers

Walking to the parking lot for lunch.

And this morning, passing by,

I saw just one, a young woman

With her safety vest on,

And I recalled my days on-the-job,

With some joy in the memory.

Then I drive by the group home,

The one on the corner,

And for the first time

I saw some residents, out on the patio,

Passing the time away.

Driving on, I prayed,

I prayed for us all,

For meaning in our work,

For joy in our days,

For fresh air in the springtime,

Wherever we work Lord,

Let the work be good.

Wherever we live Lord,

Let the living be blessed.

Whatever our age Lord,

Let our contributions be received.

Whosoever we are Lord,

Let us be blessings to each other.

George R. Pasley

April 07, 2021

Martin, TN

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