Pastor’s Pondering 04/28/2021


This could be another whatever day.

Another day of walking uphill without a scenic view, another day

remembering how little has been accomplished. No matter my resume,

another day I can hardly avoid seeing how much needs to be done and

 all the annoyances that will cheer me along the way. So this could be a good

day to slow down, and it for sure is a good day to take up earnest deliberate

prayer, or it could be a good day to dig through old boxes of letters and find an

encouraging word that still holds. But for this day, this day of somber news,

this day of dark skies, this day filled with fear, I will choose, at least briefly,

 to laugh. I will laugh at my high ambitions and remember how nothing

seems impossible to a child; I will laugh at God, for inviting the likes

of you and me into Kingdom work; I will laugh at grace,

laugh out loud at the notion of forgiveness.

Because really, we have no idea what we have done.

Not one thing created good remained that way long,

not in our hands. And finally I will laugh at old Elijah, hiding in the cave

thinking that this evil world was beyond redemption.

It was, of course, and still is. Except that nothing is impossible for God.

George R. Pasley

April 28, 2021

Martin, TN

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