Pastor’s Pondering 09/01/2021

Walking normally,
With my eyes to the ground,
I saw something out of place,
Tucked in a niche
Where nothing should have been:
“Random Act of Art,” it said.

“Sweet,” I thought,
And then thought some more-
What if there were random smiles-
Would folk wonder what I was up to?
What if there were random hugs,
Random words of encouragement,
Random moments of forgiveness,
Random rainbows,
Random mountain goats out for stroll,
Random jokes at which you laughed for hours,
Random acts of grace
That lifted my eyes up from the ground-
What if there was so much randomness
That nothing would be random or surprising

And then I thought,
“So what?”

And then I stopped thinking,
And started doing.

George R. Pasley

September 1, 2021

Martin, TN

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