Pastor’s Pondering 09/08/2021

Maybe wisdom is as simple as

Doing an odd task in your 10 minutes of free time,

Or maybe it’s just knowing

Time is never free.

Maybe wisdom is packing your lunch,

Having an extra pair of shoestrings on hand,

Waiting to buy something you don’t need right now

In case it’s on sale next week,

Or maybe it’s just thinking ahead.

Maybe wisdom is holding your tongue,

Taking a walk instead of starting a fight,

Or maybe it’s just loving mercy

And saving your battles for justice.

Maybe wisdom is buying canned salmon

For the soup kitchen now,

Even when payday is 10 days away.

Or maybe wisdom is knowing

Justice requires sacrifice.

Maybe we are all wise, sometimes,

And maybe we are all fools, lots of times,

And maybe the wise take the long view,

The long journey to the Kingdom of Heaven,

But are always so wise

As to stop for some foolishness,

By design or by chance,

Every once in a while.

George R. Pasley

September 8, 2021

Martin, TN

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