Pastor’s Pondering, August 26

The Third “Great End of the Church”

The maintenance of divine worship


In the midst of our proclamation and practice of the faith,

the one thing that perhaps rises above all the “great ends”

is the reminder of whose business we are about…God’s.

And the one thing we are offered

as springboard for our proclamation and practice,

and as restoration of our power to proclaim and practice the faith,

is our gathering in worship of the God of our faith.

In worship, I AM calls us to stop what we are doing

so we can better listen and learn from our Creator/Redeemer/Sustainer

to be reminded who we are and whose we are.

In worship, we enter a personal space to reencounter God

and rediscover God in each other.

In worship, we remember and rehear the words that lead us to the Word and

we are re-membered into the one Body of Christ

whose many parts God employs into service.

In worship, we gather around the font to re-celebrate our baptism, and

we gather around the Table to taste and see that God is good.

In worship, we gather to sing the faith that is beyond word’s ability to speak.

In worship, we gather in reunion with our church family and

learn to welcome with hospitality those who are looking for family.

In worship, we gather to be equipped to scatter… the very rhythm of life in Christ.


In the list of all the things that demand and consume

our time and energy and commitment,

there is perhaps no other one thing that better gives

to those who are ready to receive than worship…

daily worship through our own spiritual disciplines and

corporate worship through our weekly spiritual discipline.

What better way to start the week than enfolded in the family of faith that

gathers, hears, sings, prays, gives back, and then

is sent forth to worship through our service!


Just pondering…


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