Pastor’s Pondering, September 30, 2015

On October 4, we will gather in worship around the table of the Lord

knowing that people of faith around the world will also be gathering in his name.

“World Communion Sunday” began in 1933 in a Presbyterian Church in Pennsylvania.

It was a denominationally recognized celebration in 1936, and

claimed by the Federal Council of Churches in 1940 for all its denominations.

For the PCUSA, it is also Peacemaking Sunday.

How can you really have one without the other?

a world gathered in peace, not in spite of all the things that divide us,

but because of the one thing that unites us…the love of God in Christ our Lord.

May the still small voice of God silence the voices of division and combat that deafen us.

May the sweet, sweet Spirit of Christ

calm the sorrow and pain that result from hatred and fear.

May the words of our mouths and the meditations of our hearts this World Communion Sunday

be acceptable in God’s sight…the God who is our Rock and Redeemer.

Here’s a hymn that directs our worship:


We come to this table, O God, with thanksgiving.

We lift up our hearts, we remember, we pray.

We hear Jesus’ welcome– inviting, forgiving;

We know your Spirit’s peace as we feast here today.


We dine at your table as sisters and brothers,

Diverse in our cultures, yet nourished as one.

The bread and the cup that we share here with others

Are gifts uniting all who are claimed by your Son.


We grieve for your world here; we cry, “How much longer?”

We pray for the cycles of violence to cease.

Yet here, in Christ broken, we’re fed and made stronger

To labor in his name for a world filled with peace.


We rise from this table with new dedication

To feed the world’s children, to free the oppressed,

To clear out the minefields, to care for creation;

We pray, O God of peace, that our work will be blest.


Text: Copyright 2002 by Carolyn Winfrey Gillette.

Just pondering…


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