Pastor’s Pondering, February 3, 2016



On the verge of Lent, we pitch a tent to wait for you, O Jesus our Light and God’s glory.

     Wait here for us.

We are anxious and rushed. These mountaintop moments are fleeting; we cannot absorb enough peace to satisfy our need.

     Wait here for us.

We are tired and doubtful. Your brilliance doesn’t ignite us as it used to; we have abdicated the desire to be a flint against which you spark.

    Wait here for us.

Be gracious, Jesus. Wait for us when we struggle to see your vision, to hear your voice, to get lost in your cloud. Love us still, we pray.

     Wait here for us.

Rise in our hearts, O Christ, the Beautiful Dawn! By your love, renew and transform us!

~ written by Rachel Hackenberg, and posted on RevGalBlogPals.


As we prepare to go up and come down from the Mount of Transfiguration,

let us remember the blinding light of Jesus’ face

and the voice from heaven…”This is my Son!  Listen to him!”

Then once again at the bottom of the mountain,

let us discover again his face in the crowds of people

whose pain and suffering and need blind us.

As we walk toward the road of Lent once again,

we know that we walk with God’s Son,

we listen for his voice and we listen to his voice, and we follow him,

and with him, we suffer, we sacrifice, and we love.

Just pondering…


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