Pastor’s Pondering, February 24, 2016



This second week into Lent, we discover from last Sunday’s Old Testament reading

     that through God’s grace, old dogs can be taught new tricks.

In the case of the Genesis saga,

     Abram and Sarai (the chronologically challenged) learn God’s new tricks.

          The lesson that comes from the Old Testament reading is that

               at whatever age or stage of life you find yourself and

                    all the ways you’ve settled in on “it is what it is,”

     God still has surprises, promises and possibilities in store that will change your life,

          and, by God’s widening embrace, change the lives of all those you touch.

Abram and Sarai were literally blown away by God’s blessings…

     blown away to a new land with new names and

         the new adventure of parenthood.  

Under the wind of God’s promise and power,

     Abraham and Sarah, in the midst of life’s constant turmoil and challenges,

          became God’s blessing to enable all people to become God’s blessed. 

During this Lenten Season,

     take comfort in the fact of God’s ability to uproot us and unseat us and

          shove us out the doors of our comfort zones into God’s world

               where we can become a blessing to enable others to enjoy blessing. 

Hear the Lenten good news:

          It’s not about us…what we want or can do or take comfort doing!

               It’s about what the power, peace, and providence of God can do with us….

                    if we just say YES!

There are a lot of voices we need to say NO! to.

     What are the possibilities God is holding before us to which we can say YES!?

          What are the ministries and missions that need our YES! to add to God’s power?

               Who are the people whose lives will be blessed by our YES!?

                    What surprises are we willing to engage if we say YES! to God?

Let YES! be the word of the Lord from the mouths of those whom God is calling.

     Let YES! be the word of the Lord from those who see the amazing possibilities

          that can come from our lives as they are directed into the life of the world.

Just pondering…


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