Pastor’s Pondering – May 11, 2016


I have been converted!

After several years as a skeptic and doubter and disdainer

of money spent on the Paducah Greenway Trail

as a luxury for the fit and fabulous of the city,

I have now walked on it for the past two weeks

and am a fan of its benefit to the wellbeing,

not just of individuals who can financially afford superbicycles

and proudly support spandex,

but of the cross-section of humanity that crosses paths on the trail.

What a diverse group of people we “walkers” are!

It’s the Walking Live who meet on the trail.

There’s everything from infants in strollers, to toddlers on bicycles,

to soccer moms in designers’ outfits,

to older couples with more time than energy to kill,

to runners with instruments on their biceps recording their progress,

to people just looking for deer and turkeys and wildlife.

And there are the non-invasive nods passersby exchange,

the smiles and “good mornings” between strangers,

and the brief conversations and hugs of reunion between acquaintances,

and the stop in the tracks catch-up between old friends.

It’s the Greenway Trail…

It’s the Way…

It’s the Church…

It’s Life…

and I am constantly converted and reconverted to its importance and value.

How do we encounter one another in our daily work?

in our daily walk?

in our daily life?

in our weekly gatherings/passings at church?

Are we able to appreciate our enormous diversity as people of God?

Do we enjoy the presence of Christ we find in one another?

Do we feast on the offerings each of us brings to the Table?

During the Easter to Pentecost period of the church’s life,

Let us celebrate the gifts of God that are indeed the people of God

for the people of God.

May we receive life and peace as we walk the way with the Risen Christ.

Just pondering…


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