Pastor’s Pondering – May 18, 2016

As we moved from Easter season to Pentecost Sunday, I share part of the late Ann Weems’ poem, “The Church Year” from the book, Reaching for Rainbows. The poem ends with words of liberation worked by the Holy Spirit.


The church is Pentecost.

The Holy Spirit is poured out upon us and sends us out together


                                              with new life,

Inheritors of the wealth of God:

                                              Life abundant.

We are liberated from the prisons of pettiness, jealousy, and greed,

Liberated to be the church.


We are freed to free others.

We are affirmed to affirm others.

We are loved to love others.

We are family.

                           We are community.

                                              We are the church triumphant—

You, me, anyone who would come unto the Lord –

Renewed, redirected, empowered to change things and lives

                          together in love and wholeness.


We are the Lord’s church,

The church of justice and mercy,

The people sent to open prisons,

                                                  to heal the sick,

                                                                          to clothe the naked,

                                                                                                        to feed the hungry,

                                                                                                                                     to reconcile,

To be alleluias when there is no music.


The mantle is upon our shoulders.

Joy is apparent in our living.

We have been commissioned to be the church of Jesus Christ.        


Just pondering…

Peace…The Peace of Christ…The Peace of Pentecost…The Peace of Trinity…


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