Pastor’s Pondering – June 1, 2016


When a horse begins a “run for the roses,”

people bet money based on the horse’s odds against the rest of the lineup…

the way the horse has fared in previous races,

the way the horse runs differently depending on the length of the race,

the way the weather conditions of race day suit or prove problematic to the horse.

The horn player gives the signal for the race watchers to get ready

and the jockeys to get the horses into the starting blocks,

and with the shot of a starting pistol, the race is off.

It doesn’t really matter what the odds were going into the race.

Each race is its own combination of the horse’s energy,

the jockey’s strategy,

and all the totally unknown things that can happen between start and finish.

There is no sure bet…

in horseracing,

in the Indy 500,

in the NBA playoffs,

in the national elections.

But, people of faith, disciples of Jesus Christ, followers of the Servant Lord “beg to differ.”

From the testimony of scripture and the oral testimony of the saints before us,

from the witness of those who are older and wiser than we,

and from the depths of our own being as we look backward from whence we have come,

we know that the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob,

the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ,

the Creative Wind and Breath and Spirit of Life,

the Three-in-One and One-in-Three God we worship

is our sure and certain “bet”…

our hope, our confidence, our strength, our vision.

That is why we “run the race that is set before us” called life.

We know that we are not running alone, but in the path of the One who has run before us,

the One who runs along beside us every step of the way,

the One waiting with open arms at the finish line to lift us up onto his shoulders.

Against all odds, we run the good race,

because we know that with our God all things are possible.

That news is good enough to bet on.

Thanks be to God!

Just pondering…


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