Pastor’s Pondering – June 15, 2016

Journeys and Fitbits

In a day and age of health consciousness and exercise regimens,

there is no way to walk in a mall or see anyone walking in parks or on streets

without seeing a strap on their arm recording their steps and miles made during the day.

The “fitbit” is a ubiquitous piece of modern-day jewelry.

But, the “fitbit” doesn’t record a thing if you have it on your wrist

and you spend the day sitting in a recliner watching television.

It only serves its purpose if you get up out of your seat and walk…move…run…change positions.

That is true with all of life, is it not?

The only way to stay fit in life is to get up, and get out, and get about the business

of moving through the day.

“Life is a journey” some have said.

Others have said “the journey is our home.”

And Chinese philosopher Laozi (c604bc-c531bc)

               “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.”

Tonight’s “meal and a movie” will invite us on a journey.

     The “meal and a movie” is itself a journey into a new effort at eating together,

         sharing a couple of hours enjoying a movie,

               and then offering snapshots of the journey in our discussion of the movie.

That itself is a journey that can make our congregational health solid and strong.

But, the content of the movie itself reminds us of the greater journey we are called to make

     as the Body of Christ, as “followers of the way,” as those who walk in Jesus’ steps.

The movie is about the journey we make into each others’ lives,

     the barriers and fears and prejudices and biases we have to overcome

         in order to see each other and ourselves created in God’s image

               and partners in sharing the marvelous gift of God that is creation.

In our day, we teach our children about “stranger danger” in order to keep them safe.

     In our day, we experience acts of terror that cause us to suffer “xenophobia” as adults.

Perhaps the journey we are all called to make as people of faith and citizens of the world

     is the journey over the walls of fear and suspicion and threat and hatred that divide us

         into the glorious garden of peace that was and continues to be God’s intention.

Maybe the goal at the end of the journey is the table of fellowship

     where we can feast together side by side on the food set before us

         and the stories we bring to the table to bring seasoning to the meal.

Maybe the goal of the journey is to unclench fists of protection

     and offer hands of support to hold each other up and strengthen our walk together.

Then the meal and the journey will be rich and healthy and moving closer to wholeness.

Just pondering…


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