Monthly Archives: April 2014

Rethinking our Theology

On Sunday, I shared the views of Wesley Ariarajah, a professor of Ecumenical Theology at Drew University School of Theology. A Christian, Dr. Ariarajah grew up in Sri Lanka, a country that is predominantly Buddhist. As members of a minority religion, Christians in Sri Lanka examined their approach to other religions in order to build… Read more


The Easter story and other resurrection appearances all have an element of surprise. When we stop and think about it, surprises are found throughout the biblical narrative. The youngest son David is anointed as king. The mother of Jesus the Messiah is a peasant girl. Saul, who persecutes the followers of Jesus, becomes a leader… Read more

Living in a Lenten World

Here we are in the middle of Holy Week. Easter is only a few days away. Some of us may be impatiently waiting for Lent to be over. We are ready for Easter. Why wouldn’t we be? Easter is the highlight of the church year. It’s part of our Christian identity. We are an Easter… Read more

Mexico Cistern Ministry Project

On Sunday, we were honored to learn about the Mexico Cistern Ministry from Andy Combs, a ruling elder from First Presbyterian Church, Brownsville. Andy knows the ministry well. Since the project began in 2002, he has made 36 trips to the Yucatan to work with lay missionary Todd Luke, who started the ministry. The Cistern… Read more