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PC(USA) General Assembly

The PC(USA) 221st General Assembly (GA) adjourned on Saturday, June 21, after a week of conducting the business of the church in Detroit. Fifteen committees met from Sunday evening through Tuesday afternoon. Their recommendations were considered by the entire General Assembly from Wednesday afternoon until close of business on Saturday morning. Each day included worship… Read more

Rethinking Mission

Dr. Wesley Ariarajah, a professor of Ecumenical Theology at Drew University School of Theology, asks “Can Christian theology be rethought in ways that help us to be at home in a religiously plural world?” (pg. 3). A Christian, Dr. Ariarajah grew up in Sri Lanka, a country that is predominantly Buddhist. As a member of… Read more

Visions and Dreams

When Peter speaks to the crowds in Jerusalem on Pentecost, he quotes from the prophet Joel. He wants the people to know that they are witnessing the work of the Holy Spirit. The Spirit that is poured out on all people, men and women, old and young, empowers them to be dreamers and visionaries. Peter… Read more